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Individual Care

Access a network of Advocates for support through your toughest work-life challenges. Because the best form of self care is collective care.

Here's What Care Looks Like:

Work Life Advocates

One on One coaching sessions for a specific work-life issue.

Collective Conversations

Group conversations to learn work-life skills alongside a supportive group of peers.

Well-Being Insights

Understand the state of your well-being including strengths and areas for growth. 

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U.S. Shipping Options:
Free delivery (10-12 days)
Fast delivery (4-6 days)
Express delivery (1-2 days)

International shipping rates vary by country.

Angela K., Non-Profit Consultant

" I think / I am realizing that I have not taken care of myself over the past couple of months, & the workshop is a much welcome space midweek for me to spend an hour focusing on myself. Thank you for bringing a bit of balance to my week."
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