Your Care is

our #1 Priority

- The Collective

We equip independent workers & remote organizations with proactive care solutions to enhance overall well-being through community & collective care.

This is How We Care


Individual Care Plans

Join as a member, enroll in a group Well-Being Collective or recieve one in one well-being coaching. All levels follow our CARE Curriculum to help participants thrive.



Monthly programming for members through our online virtual well-being hub, The Care Center, for individuals and organizations.


Organizational Care Plans

Custom care for your distributed workforce. Each Organizational Care Plan serves your team at the individual and collective level.

Proactive. Comprehensive.

Always with Care.

Enhance your well-being with membership programs guided by our CARE Curriculum. Gain access to a personalized Care Team, a structured plan and a collective community. So the wellness journey is one you never have to take, by yourself.

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Let's Build Your Care Plan Today!

Member Stories

" I think / I am realizing that I have not taken care of myself over the past couple of months, & the workshop is a much welcome space midweek for me to spend an hour focusing on myself. Thank you for bringing a bit of balance to my week."

- Angela K.