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We equip independent workers & remote organizations with proactive care solutions to enhance overall well-being

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Care Plans

Custom care for independent workers & remote organizations

How it Works: Care Plans Coming March 2021

Increase your well-being with quarterly care plans custom to your needs. Gain access to a Care Team and receive reports to share with your mental health and primary care physicians. So the wellness journey is one you never have to take, by yourself.


Care Assessment

Complete our assessment to determine your well-being focus area

Choose Your Plan

Invest in a focused or comprehensive care plan based on your needs and assessment

Meet Your Care Team

Dedicate one hour per week to your well-being and connect with your Care Team for status and strategy sessions

Proactive. Comprehensive.

Always with Care.


Member Stories

" I think / I am realizing that I have not taken care of myself over the past couple of months, & the workshop is a much welcome space midweek for me to spend an hour focusing on myself. Thank you for bringing a bit of balance to my week."

- Angela K.

Your Care 


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