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Tiffany Albury

Work Life Advocate

BA in Arts, Master of Public Health, HCI Certified Health & Life Coach

Tiffany Albury is a passionate public healthcare professional with heart and focus in wellness education, healthcare advocacy and community programming. Her love is to work in multi-faceted environments that aim to improve public health standards, build healthy communities, and ensure equity and justice in the healthcare industry.

As a certified health and life coach, Tiffany supports professionals in their recovery from burnout, learning how to effectively manage their stress and helping them reconnect to the love of their career, passion project, the experience of life and most importantly themselves. She enjoys working with persons who are ready to change their lifestyle not only to improve their health, but to improve all aspects of their lives-- as a full human being. Her anti-burnout motto is: You don't have to set yourselves on fire to keep others warm.

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