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Create a Sanctuary for Your Well-Being

Have you ever needed a special place that is just for you? A place where you feel at peace, safe, and comfortable. As people, we go through a lot. As soon as we wake up in the morning, we are bombarded with a lot of noise and responsibilities that can cause us to feel constantly overwhelmed. Creating a space within your home where you can seek refuge from the constant noises of everyday life can be the first step to reducing daily overwhelm.

I recently moved out of my college apartment and into a house off campus. As you can imagine, I used this new milestone as an opportunity to create my own personal sanctuary. I’ve often heard that your room reflects your mental state. If you asked anyone who knows me, my room more often than not was a hot mess. This year I wanted better for myself. If you are looking for a way to ‘do better’ like I am continue reading for three ways I built my well-being sanctuary:

I reflected on my current mental state and the state of well-being that I want to achieve and decided to design and orient my space in a way that would be beneficial to me and my goals.

I thought about what feelings I wanted to feel when I walked into my room. I decided that whenever I walk into my room I want to feel a sense of calm and productivity. In order to achieve that, I ordered decorations that were light and neutral.

I divided my room into sections based on what I want to accomplish. In my study space, I have books, electronics, white boards, and study materials. In my cozy space, I have leisure reading materials, blankets, pillows, and other belongings that make me feel comfortable and at peace.

The goal is to not mix work and comfort areas within your space so your brain doesn’t get distracted from the task at hand. I chose not to make my study space too comfy because I know that can lower my productivity. I also made sure not to mix any study materials into my comfy space because that can add feelings of overwhelm and anxiety to a calming space.

Which sanctuary would you choose?

  • Boho Cozy

  • Garden Zen

Creating your own “sanctuary” takes time. You have to assess what you would like to add to your space that brings you peace, happiness or whatever emotions you want to feel in your sanctuary. Whether it’s creating a reading corner in your bedroom or dedicating a spare room in the house to one of your hobbies, taking time and energy to create your own oasis is paramount to prioritizing your peace.


Author: Gabrielle Forbes is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation student at Drexel University. She interned with Your Care Collective in the Spring/Summer of 2022 and aspires to create her own businesses one day. Gabrielle has a passion for wellness and wants everyone to have access to peace and wellbeing.

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